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How the PRP system works is it uses your own blood to isolate plasma, where a concentrate of nutrients and platelets reside. Platelets are cells that naturally assist your body in healing and generating new tissue. Platelets also contain Growth Factors, which are involved in stem cell migration, and ultimately activate, rejuvenate and regenerate cells throughout the body. By Isolating the platelet-rich portion of your blood and injecting it back into target regions, you are able to fight the sings of agin and correct imperfections using your body's natural biology.

The Process:

  1. A small amount of blood if collected
  2. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the different components (e.g., red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma)
  3. Once the blood has been separated, the plasma (PRP) is extracted from the tube
  4. The  PRP is injected into the desired area*

*PRP Can be used in conjunction with filler or Botox 

Signs of Aging:

20s - Free Radicals attack skin surface and skin radicals being to show signs of environmental damage. 

30s - This is often when the first significant signs of aging appear. The skin may become dull and lackluster.

40s - Signs of dullness, aging, dark spots and skin sensitivity can become more common.

50s - Significant tensions decrease can occur causing your skin to lose its plump and firm appearance. Moisture retention often begins to slow dramatically.