Why I don’t have Filler in my face! You’re the owner, aren’t you?

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself just in case you don’t know who I am, my name is Stephanie MacDonald, I am an RN and I am the owner, operator of Allure Medical Aesthetics. I have been injecting for almost 10 years and have the most incredible, loyal clients.

So let's get straight to what this post/blog (I’m so new to blogging if this is actually a blog??) is about.

Let’s rewind to July 2017. I was enjoying a getaway with my husband and friends at a camping resort. This is a resort where you drive fun golf carts around the park to get places. It really is cool, there were a hundred carts buzzing around at all times. One night, we were having some drinks while listening to the band at the main building. Once the band finished, we hopped on the cart and made our way back to the cottage. I’ll admit, I was intoxicated. Probably a little more then I should have been but hey, we were having fun. I’m on the back of the cart with my girlfriend, drink in hand (of course) and my husband was driving upfront with his buddy. I wish we walked that night because what happens next is something that I know weighs heavily on my husband’s heart.


Ok, here it goes. I haven’t been public with this at all, meaning Facebook world does not know about this and I hoped to keep it that way, but the time has come to explain why I don’t have fillers in my face. We all know I should, seeing that fillers are my business and I promote them to all of you.

I know you can’t see me right now, but my face would tell you that I am anxious, partially because I am human and have some sort of weird self-conscious thing going on and I know I will be posting pictures.  I am actually going to write about that, the self-conscious partly because it’s 2019 and why the hell are we all so hard on ourselves? …ok I’m rambling, back to the terrible part. While driving home on our “fun” golf cart, obviously going the fastest the thing will go. We suddenly drive over a speed bump that wasn’t marked in bright yellow like the rest of them, giving us some sort of warning to slow the hell down. Can you guess what happens next? well you thought correct. I was taking a drink of my cocktail, not holding on to the safety bar and I went flying. The sober me would have just continued to fly but the wasted me grabbed that safety bar and pulled my self, face first into that bar 🤦🏻‍♀️ that was supposed to be there to protect me. Needless to say, I fell off and my husband stopped immediately.  Once he got to me, his face said it all. I could tell that it wasn’t good as my nose bleed like open tap and the instant swelling made it impossible to see out of my right eye. I thought the worst. Did I break my nose? Is my eye gone??? please GOD don’t tell me that my eyeball is somewhere other than my eye socket. Chad, my husband made it seem like it was ok as he rushed me back to the cottage. My nose still bleeding, it bleed for an hour straight, not dribbles, a straight up waterfall.

I rushed into the bathroom scared shitless to look in the mirror. When I mustered up the courage, I looked, and yes, I was devastated. Good news, I had all my teeth and my nose wasn’t crooked. I thought ok, this is good. Peeled open my right eye with fingers and YES, I HAVE MY EYEBALL! Relieved of that, I notice swelling is actually getting worse, Chad says we have to get you to a hospital. I’m like yep, let’s go. Then I remember that we have all been drinking and Chad had only stopped drinking a few hours ago. The closest hospital is an hour away. So, we come up with the idea to sleep it off. Chad watched me sleep, setting his phone to wake me up every hour, just in case of a concussion. As night turned to day Chad woke me up and said, we have to go, it’s getting worse.


Off we go. The hospital does a CT scan. I didn’t break my nose, my eye socket is ok, but I definitely shattered my maxilla bone. That is the bone right beside your nose, mid-cheek area. See the attached photo of the skull, the maxilla bone is highlighted in green.

The amount of swelling is crazy… the doctors tell me that they are not operating. The reason being the maxilla bone is like an eggshell. Once it breaks its difficult to repair, so they told me it will heal on its own. Fast forward to 6 months later, I’m at the hospital begging them to drain this huge hematoma. A hematoma is a collection of blood outside the blood vessels.

Well, this hematoma Is massive, and I’ve struggled so long not only with this blood ball but also the mass amount of bruising. I’ve attached the photos. Take a look.


The doctor AGAIN refused to drain it saying it will drain on its own. This was terrible news for me.

So fast forward to now. All of the bruising is of course gone, but it didn’t heal the way I way I was told it would. The bone healed inward, concaved. Crushing my sinuses, apparently making it difficult to drain. 18 months later, it is still a bit sore to touch. The plastic surgeon that I now work with is concerned as to why they didn’t operate?

FINALLY, after 547 days, I got the okay to have fillers. Now, the issue is what will be the amount of fillers needed to correct the volume loss. Typically, 1 syringe mid face would fill nicely. My surgeon doctor advised me that at least 2.5-3 ml’s will be needed to correct the right side of my face alone. This is due to the way my face has healed (concave). A CT Scan is also required. Due to how much filler may be required, a fat graft (fat transfer, from another area of body) may be a more appropriate way to restore my facial volume. Doing it this way will improve the longevity as HA filler does metabolize faster than fat.

So, that’s it… I really felt that this was a private matter, but as I thought more about it, I realized that you all have the right to know. I promote fillers to everyone, and I know people were thinking, why would we get fillers from someone who doesn’t have any themselves? I was self-conscious because of those photos and honestly, I am photo shy, to begin with… (filters are my friend) But I am the honest injector, and this is (part) of my story.

If anyone has any questions, please know that I am here to answer any questions you may have. Ask anything related to this post or any questions you may have about a medical procedure.

Thank EVERYONE for taking the time to read this.

Stephanie XO

*** Please read about the dangers of golf carts and keep yourself safe. Be responsible when driving or being a passenger. Accidents happen more often than not. I am very lucky to have only obtained a broken bone. There are many reports about people whom suffered tremendous injuries that will affect them forever. ******